How to Hide and Show Windows 11 Desktop Icon

Windows 11 tips and tricks that you can use to restore and remove icons on the Windows 11 desktop.

How to Hide and Show Windows 11 Desktop Icon

Currently, many PCs or even laptops use the Windows 11 operating system as their default operating system.

Windows 11 has a look that is quite different from Windows 10 but for how to use Windows 11 is still similar to how we operate Windows 10.

The desktop display on the pc that we use will be displayed a shortcut icon which is a shortcut from the application installed on computers and laptops.

The desktop itself is part of the main screen to display the shortcut icon of installed applications to make it easier for us when we want to run an application.

You can click the shortcut icon and wait until the application you want to run in Windows 11 opens.

Sometimes when we have many applications that we install and by default appear on the desktop, it makes our windows 11 desktop display become more and more icons that fill the windows 11 desktop display.

This can help our concentration and make our desktops look messy and less neat.

For newbies who have an untidy Windows 11 desktop display and want to tidy up the desktop display on computers and laptops.

You can follow the easiest steps that newbie will provide below

How to remove and show shortcut icon on a windows desktop

Actually, Windows itself frees users to organize and organize the appearance of their operating system according to the tastes of each user.

You can change the wallpaper display in windows, or change the theme including changing the icon color and panel bar, or you can change the icon display, change the font, and tidy up the shortcut icon in windows.

In using the Windows desktop, there are several types of users who like to display the application icons that they use so that they can open the application faster.

There are also users who want to eliminate the appearance of shortcut icons on the desktop so that their desktop looks tidier.

If you want to remove the shortcut icon on the desktop then you can follow these steps.

How to Hide and Show Windows 11 Desktop Icon

  • You can login your windows 11 and open the windows desktop
  • Right-click on the empty part of the windows 11 desktop
  • Choose view
  • Choose show desktop icon
  • Click to remove the icon and also show the desktop icon in windows 11

These steps can be said to be quite easy for you to do especially if you really want to see your desktop display clean from unused application icons.

That's all for this newbie tutorial with the title How to Hide and Show Windows 11 Desktop Icons

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