How to easily overcome the "Not shown Instagram notes" feature!

 In mid-December, Instagram introduced a number of new features for users in Indonesia.

How to easily overcome the "Not shown Instagram notes" feature!

One of the new Instagram features officially launched in Indonesia is IG Note, which can be found on the DM page.

As the name suggests, the note feature allows users to create statuses, notes or messages in the DM IG section.

Notes or memos are written with a maximum length of 60 characters. Users are also allowed to embed emojis in Note DM IG.

Note that IG is displayed at the top of the user profile in the DM area.

IG notes can be shared with other users who have been followed or other users who are on the close friend's list.

To use the notes feature, users must open the latest version of the Instagram app.

Then go to the Instagram DM page by clicking on the message logo in the upper right corner.

On the new DM page, users can see their own and friends' profile photos that have a note or short status on them.

If you saw the Instagram DM ad below, you have the latest update with the Note Instagram feature.

If the Instagram app on your mobile phone still does not look like the above, you need to update the Instagram app first.

To do this, open the Play Store or App Store and navigate to Profile > Apps > Update Instagram.

After the update download and installation is complete, open the Instagram app and you will see the notes feature in the DM area.

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If it still doesn't appear, it means that your account doesn't have the Note Instagram feature yet.

This can happen because Instagram is rolling out the note feature gradually.

Continue to monitor Instagram updates on your mobile phone so that you can use the Note features as soon as updates arrive.

Please note that the note function is almost the same as Stories, where shared notes are only displayed on the DM page for 24 hours.

Users are allowed to reply to notes posted by other users who have created them.

Instagram has shown that this feature is for users who like a light and easy interaction to share what they are thinking and start a conversation.

This feature can be used to ask for recommendations, express yourself and connect with each other.

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