To check aircraft flights without an app, you can use iMessage!

 Unlike other messaging apps, iMessage has a real-time flight check feature.

To check aircraft flights without an app, you can use iMessage!

The Flight Check feature on iMessage is actually not a new feature for iOS 16.

However, this feature helps users check aircraft flights in real time from the departure airport to the destination.

In addition, users can also view the flight status of the aircraft through this feature.

The Flight Check feature in iMessage was first introduced via iOS 15.

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According to reports from Kompas Tekno, the iPhone is equipped with the Data Detector feature, which allows text from flight numbers to be automatically detected in iMessage.

This feature makes tracking aircraft flights much easier as users no longer need to install additional apps such as FlightRadar 24, FlisghtStats, etc.

This time MakeMac will share tutorials on how to check aircraft flights on iMessage. Come on, see more!

  • open the iMessage application on your iPhone.
  • enter the flight number and name of the aircraft whose status you want to check, for example, "JT-904 Lion Air", then press the "Send" button.
  • then iMessage automatically recognizes the flight number and an underline appears in the text of the flight number sent on iMessage.
  • Press and hold the aircraft's flight number, then iPhone displays a pop-up window with maps and real-time travel animations from the entered flight number.
  • to view more detailed flight status details, click the "Flight Preview" option.

This function allows you to view information on the status of the aircraft, whether it is delayed or not.

You can also view information on the departure time, flight duration, and estimated time of arrival of the aircraft at its destination.

Please note that the flight check feature in iMessage is only available for devices running iOS 15 or later.

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