How to Lock Google Chrome Incognito Tabs with Face ID

Google Chrome is currently still one of the most popular browsers on iPhone devices.

How to Lock Google Chrome Incognito Tabs with Face ID

The popularity of Google Chrome is supported by various security and privacy features that can protect user data while browsing the internet.

One of the superior privacy features of Google Chrome is the incognito mode.

Incognito mode allows users to browse the internet privately as the browser does not store browsing history, website history, cookies, and other important data.

This means that all user browsing activity is not visible to anyone accessing your browser when you enable incognito mode.

It should be noted that incognito tabs are opened separately from normal tabs in Google Chrome.

Interestingly, users can lock the incognito tab with Face ID to make it more secure and private.

But before that, the user has to enable the tab lock feature through the browser settings.

Well, this time MakeMac will share a simple tutorial on how to lock Google Chrome's incognito tabs to make it more secure. Come on, see more!

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To lock Google Chrome Incognito tabs with Face ID

  • open the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone.
  • Click on the three dots in the lower right corner and then on the Settings icon.
  • After you have entered the browser settings, click on the Privacy and Security option.
  • Turn on the "Lock incognito tabs when closing Chrome" toggle. 5.
  • Click on Done or Done.

So that was one way to lock Google Chrome incognito tabs with Face ID.

When this feature is active, every time the user exits the app and reopens the incognito tab, the user needs Face ID authentication to access it.

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