How To change the DNS server on the iPhone

 To change the DNS server on the iPhone

If you do not understand what DNS server is. In short, DNS (Domain Name System) is a server that has the function of translating the domain name of a website into an IP address and vice versa. 

How  To change the DNS server on the iPhone

By using DNS, you can easily open a website by simply typing the name of the website without having to enter the IP address of the website.

Back to the initial discussion: When you are connected to the Internet, by default the iPhone gets the default DNS server from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are using.

But sometimes the DNS server that comes from the ISP responds slowly, making the web feel a little longer. To solve this problem, you can use alternative third-party DNS servers, such as Google DNS or OpenDNS.

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Change the DNS server on your iPhone

  • Go to the settings.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi option.
  • Tap the ⓘ option next to the WLAN name (make sure you have connected before).
  • Swipe down and tap the Configure DNS option.
  • Tap the Manual option, then Add Server and enter the DNS address you want. When you have, tap Save.

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