Clean Up Your iPhone: Delete Duplicate Photos

Clean Up Your iPhone: Delete Duplicate Photos

newbieadvisor - Prevent Memory Full, Here's How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone - Managing iPhone torage can be a troublesome task, especially when duplicate photos start piling up in your gallery. 

These photos not only take up valuable storage space but also clutter up your gallery. So to free up space on your iPhone and keep your photo gallery efficient and tidy, deleting duplicate photos is a must.

Luckily since iOS 16, the iPhone has a built-in feature in Photos to detect similar photos. So you can personally review each duplicate photo to ensure that no important photos were accidentally deleted.

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Here's How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

  • Open the Photos application
  • Navigate to the Albums menu
  • Scroll down and tap the Duplicates album option
  • Twin photos will appear, you can select one of the photos and delete the copy or combine them by selecting the Merge option.

Please note, that these identical photos cannot be found immediately. According to Apple's explanation, the iPhone requires an indexing process first for all the photos you have. 

How fast or slow this process is depends on the total size of the photos you have.

So if you don't find the Duplicates folder, it doesn't mean there are no identical photos, because it could be that the iPhone is doing the indexing process. So it's a good idea to check regularly.

That's how to get rid of duplicate photos on iPhone. This method can certainly be an option to save memory on your iPhone, especially if you are an iPhone user with relatively small storage such as 64 GB. Hope it is useful!

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