Causes of Blue Screen Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 and How To Overcome Them

Causes of Blue Screen Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 and How To Overcome Them For those of you Windows users, you will often hear computers or laptops that are exposed to the Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD.

You as a Windows operating system user definitely don't want your computer or laptop to get this death error message.

But actually, the Blue Screen in Windows is a message from the Windows operating system because of software or hardware that might be damaged or crash. Or fatal damage occurs to the system so that your Windows operating system is forced to issue an error message BSOD and your PC must be restarted.

To prevent this from happening on your computer. Newbie will provide a cause and how to overcome the Blue Screen in Windows.

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Cause of Blue Screen in Windows

The cause of the Blue Screen Of Death is usually a problem with the hardware or software driver that you use on your computer. Blue Screen Of Death occurs when hardware or software problems that run at the Windows kernel level are damaged.

This happens when windows meet Error Stop so that a failure can occur that causes Windows to crash and stop working. And to fix this is to restart your windows.

To avoid data loss. You should back up your important data because this failure occurs quickly and you will not have the opportunity to save data because the blue screen suddenly occurs.

When Windows occurs. Windows operating system will create a minidump that displays information about crashes that occur and save them to your hard drive.

With mini dump information, you can fix the cause of the Bluescreen.

The cause of the blue screen

There are two causes when there is a blue screen on Windows 8 or other windows, namely damage to the hardware or damage to the software.


If a blue screen occurs and you never install any software when the Bluescreen occurs. Means it can be sure if this damage occurs due to computer or laptop hardware problems.

The hardware that is often attacked is VGA or RAM. For RAM you can try by replacing the new RAM to check. Same as VGA.


I often experience software problems that cause my computer to be hit by a blue screen. You can check the last software you installed on your computer. Just delete the application that you think makes a blue screen like Game and Application Design or virtual OS like a virtual box or Android Emulator.

If Bluescreen happens after you install an application on your computer. Immediately to uninstall the application by Uninstalling the Application Program on the Windows Operating System Correctly

How to deal with a computer restarting suddenly

By default, the Windows operating system will restart every computer affected by the blue screen. If your computer turns off without knowing the cause, maybe it's because of the blue screen.

But there are ways that your computer does not restart suddenly restarting when the blue screen. To overcome this, you can simply enter the system security> system and click change settings.

In the computer name, domain and workgroup settings section. , after selecting the Advanced tab> settings for startup and recovery, then remove the automatic restart check

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How to see the cause of BSOD

You can also see the cause of the blue screen that occurs on your computer or laptop. There are two ways, namely by using free software from NirSoft's namely Bluescreenview and using the Windows Event Viewer.

Both of these applications are used to search for minidump files that are made Windows when a blue screen occurs. In addition, it will also display crashes that occur on Windows

How to overcome windows blue screen

How to overcome the blue screen In Windows 10 or Windows 7 to the latest version. Blue Screen information is displayed in the action center and if you are the latest Windows 7 and Windows user, you can open it and click Check for solutions on the maintenance menu.

This way, Windows will check why there is a Bluescreen and various errors that occur on your computer and this way you can overcome the Bluescreen.

There are several ways to overcome the blue screen. You can follow the various methods below so that the blue screen does not occur.

System restore

You can overcome the blue screen by using system restore to overcome it. But this method you must use when you have backed up your data.

Why, because this system will turn your windows to a state before the bluescreen or date you choose.

The data you save will be lost or return to the system restore date you selected.

You can use this method if the bluescreen that occurs is an error from Windows or the software that you use on your PC.


Malware can penetrate deep into windows especially when it comes to the Windows kernel. This is because the kernel system is the most core system of an operating system and this can cause your windows to be blue screen.

To overcome this, you can scan your windows by using an antivirus that you have updated.

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Driver update

A driver that is incorrectly installed or never updated can also cause this to happen. Download the latest driver from the hardware company website that you are using to fix the BSOD problem.

Save Mode

When your computer is first turned on and you experience BSOD. You can enter using safe mode. In safe mode, Windows will only take important drivers to run.

If you install the software incorrectly. so in this way you can overcome the BSOD problem that occurs.

Hardware problem

As already known if the blue screen occurs when a hardware error occurs. To find out you can type the Memory Diagnostics tool on the start menu.


This is the last choice, namely by reinstalling your windows. This way your windows system will return to its original state. And if after this you do and you still experience the problem of the blue screen. means you experience hardware problems.

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