Acer Predator 21 X review

hey  and this is the Acer predator 21x it's the biggest most powerful most expensive gaming laptop ever made.

Acer Predator 21 X review

It's a $9,000 behemoth with a 21-inch screen that literally Dwarfs any other computer and while it's certainly an impressive looking and massive device is there any real reason to justify buying it or even for it to exist at all.

I'v been using it for a couple of weeks now and the one thing I can't emphasize enough, is just how big this thing is like breathing really big, it weighs almost 19 pounds which is about as much as six MacBook Pros, incidentally it's $9,000, the price tag is also the cost of six MacBook Pros.

Acer Predator 21 X review

Despite the size it is technically still a laptop. It has a screen, it has a battery, and at least on paper it works unplugged and away from the wall.

The predator 21x checks all the major boxes for gaming computer, blowing LEDs, huge plastic vents, a giant roaring dragon, a cutaway to see inside the computer all here just you know bigger.

Subtlety is not exactly this thing strong, so with that kind of firepower it would be surprising if anything didn't run well in the predator, and fortunately anything from rocket League to theincredibly graphically intensive battlefield one runs great just simply go to the menu hit maximum settings and you're ready to go

performance does take a bit of a hit though when you're unplugged, and using this as an actual computer it works! but using this thing for anything other than playing games is a lot like using the Lamborghini to drive to a grocery store.

It'll get you there but stop really what it's for could you use it to get work done on the subway or take over a table at your local coffee shop.

sure but you look ridiculous while you're doing it and there's really much better ways to use this computer Acer.

Only ships in one model an overclocked core i7 processor dual GTX 10 a graphics card a one terabyte hard drive 2 500 gigabyte SSDs and it completely unnecessary 64 gigabytes of RAM the screen is a curved 21-inch panel which is a first for a laptop and has a Toby eye tracking rig attached to the bottom.

Acer Predator 21 X review

that can track your eyes while playing games to aim light of UI elements at just under 2 hours battery life is a bit lower than you'd expect from the usual 7 to 10 that you'd want from a regular.

Work computer in canticle keyboard is really loud and gets really uncomfortable to use.

If you're not using the optional palm rest the trackpad is actually surprisingly good for windows
computer but it's a bit small for navigating the giant screen.

Fortunately it flips over to become a number pad, because if you're using the trackpad onthis thing you're already missing the point.

and yet is a bit bulky to carry around when you're out and about I highly recommend using two hands to carry it pretty much at all times and that's not even factoring.

Acer Predator 21 X review

In the Chargers that's right, there are two of them each of which also weighs a couple of pounds and while the predator itself is bigger then my entire backpack.

fortunately, Acer includes a custom wheeled case so that you can take it to commute or to a nearby coffee shop and it's that carrying case that really sums up the predator 21x.

it's out of place and impractical to an extreme it's not really meant to fit in your bag on your desk because it's supposed to stand out.

the predator 21x is a trophy of a laptop it's for people who need to have the the biggest best thing out there

if your regular computer user or even a serious gamer there's still no reason toconsider buying one and yet I'm glad that something as ridiculous as the predator 21x exists because it's expensive and impractical as it is it's nice to know that at least at Acer sheer overkill is still in style $9,000 the case is giant it's like a giant plastic suitcase

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