2 Ways How to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to iCloud

iPhone users can back up your chat to iCloud so you don't lose all your important chat history on your iPhone.

2 Ways How to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to iCloud

How to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to iCloud - For iPhone users who are actively using the whatsapp application must already be familiar with whatsapp backup feature.

If you use whatsapp backup feature, you can back up data in Whatsapp to iCloud periodically and also scheduled.

This feature is already in the whatsapp application on all smartphone devices and this feature you can activate very easily.

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Reasons to use whatsapp backup feature

The most important reason why you must use the backup feature in the whatsapp application is to secure your data.

Suppose one day your whatsapp has an error and you can not open it at all. Then the message or document data you received earlier you can return to access easily.

You can restore your data using the restore form backup method to restore your important data.

For iPhone devices themselves, whatsapp only provides feature support for backup to icloud services.

How to backup whatsapp to icloud

Enabling this backup is very important especially if your whatsapp messages are many important and if lost you will get a lot of problems.

For those of you who want to backup whatsapp data to icloud, newbie will give the steps 

1 Manual backup

To backup whatsapp data manually you can do with the steps below

2 Ways How to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to iCloud 

To do so you can go to the whatsapp application on the iPhone. access section settings - chats - chat backup - back up now.

Make sure you are using a wifi internet connection or mobile data that is fast and also stable so that later the process of backing up whatsapp data to icloud can run smoothly.

2. Automatic backup

The automatic backup feature in whatsapp works by backing up data in whatsapp to iCloud automatically with a schedule that you can set.

 2 Ways How to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to iCloud 

Whatsapp also provides automatic backup options with 3 options, namely daily, weekly, and also monthly.

You can also choose the option not to back up video documents from the claiming section.

So that you can access the automatic backup feature, you can open the whatsapp application and then access the settings section - chats - chats backup - auto backup.

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Whatsapp backup requirements

To be able to use the whatsapp backup feature to icloud smoothly there are 3 main requirements described by whatsapp

  1. Make sure your iphone device is signed in to your Apple ID account to use the iCloud feature.
  2. Make sure you're using an iPhone with iOS 10 or later and turn on iCloud Drive settings.
  3. Make sure you have enough storage memory on your iPhone and iCloud devices.
  4. Also make sure your iCloud has 2x more storage capacity than iPhone and iCloud than the actual size of the backed up data.

To do the process of backing up whatsapp iphone chat to icloud requires the above requirements.

But you can still use the free version of icloud even though the icloud space you get is only 5 GB. 

Export chat on Whatsapp

In addition to backing up using iCloud, you can also export chat on Whatsapp.

How the export chat feature in Whatsapp is to collect all messages from one of the contacts that we want to export and send a chat to email.

To do so you can follow the steps below.

  1. Open WhatsApp, access the Chats tab and log in to one of them.
  2. Press the contact or group name section in the top row.
  3. Press Export Chat.
  4. Select the option to attach a media document or not.
  5. Select the Mail app or any other service available and support this feature then submit it.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title 2 Ways to Backup Whatsapp iPhone to iCloud.

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