16 Most Powerful Rat Repellent Apps On Android Phones

One way of midges rat which is one of the pest animals that are quite disturbing that exist and roam the house one of them by using ultrasonic sounds. 

 16 Most Powerful Rat Repellent Apps On Android Phones

 Rats that are often called rodents often damage the weight and also often nest anywhere.

With their presence can also be very dangerous especially if we have small children. Because most of them carry dirt and viruses that can interfere with health.

Many diseases can arise from a rat pee bite, such as typhus, RBF, and many more.

For that you are obliged to catch the rats to their nests, or at least we can expel the rodent rats from the house.

Fortunately now the technology is advanced and we can repel mice with ultrasonic waves coming out of android phones.

With the application of this rat repellent newbie will provide several applications that you can use to repel rats from the house.

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16 Rat repellent apps

The application below is one way to repel rats at home and even you can use this application to repel rice fields rats.

For a list of stubborn rat repellent apps you can see the list below.

16. Sound of Crickets Mp3 Rat Repellent

One of the sounds of insects that most fear rats is the sound of crickets. In addition to the sound of crickets can make rats afraid it turns out that the sound of crickets can also make the listener calm and cool.

If the sound of sonar can make you become dizzy and feel noisy. You must try how to repel this one rat because it uses the sound of an mp3 rat repellent.

The MP3 Rat Repellent Cricket Sound App can be downloaded on the Google Play store and on your android phone. 

15. Anti Rat Rapeller

The application was created by American Dream 95, which is one of the developers who also created an application to be able to disturb rats.

In the Anti Rat Rapeller application will make a sound that will later make the rat not like to be close to the source of the sound.

With this sound will repel rats instantly and your house is safe from the arrival of rats.

In addition, the Anti Rat Rapeller application not only repels rats, because this application is claimed to be able to also repel insects such as cockroaches and mosquitoes.

14. Anti Mouse Repeller

According to research, rats are very disturbed by the noise created. However, it is not the noise that humans can hear.

There is a noise that can be heard and disturbs the hearing of rats so that rats will not feel at home.

This application relies on sounds that have a power of 18-23 kHz that is very disliked by rats.

The frequency of sound produced by this application will be painful for mice, but not painful for humans.

So the Anti Mouse Repeller application can be said to be very safe for humans and you can use it in the fuse of the house.

This app can be said to be very light. You can download it on the Google Play store with only 3.8 MB.

13. The Most Powerful Rat Repellent Sound

This one application is a bit unique because it does not offer sound with a certain frequency.

This application uses sounds in nature that are feared by rats into a song in the form of mp3.

This application provides mp3 sounds that are quite varied, ranging from sounds that you can use to repel rats and some other sounds.

In this application there is mp3 with the sound of the application in the form of cricket sounds that are not very suaki by rats and is one of the powerful ways to repel rats.

12. Anti Mouse - Rat Repeller

Esoftware itself also created and developed an application called anti mouse - Rat repeller which is claimed to be able to expel rats from your home.

How this application works is very similar to rat repellent applications where you simply install on your android phone and you just activate the voice in the Anti Mouse - Rat Repeller application.

When the sound is active, rats will not like to be close to the source of anti-mouse sounds and they will not come back to your home.

11. Rat Repellent Sound

For further software newbie advises you to download the Rat Repellent Sound application. Claimed by the app maker can repel the pests of curut rats only with the sound that this application produces.

The sound produced by this application can not only be heard by rats but will not be heard by the human ear so it does not interfere.

In addition to being equipped with a very sophisticated vitur, rat repellent sound application is also very easy for you to use.

Because this application uses the power of sound to repel mice. This application provides sound ranging from the lowest, which is 10KHZ to 21 KHZ. 

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10. Rat & Mice Ultrasonic Professional Repelent Sound

Besides being able to repel rat pests, this one application can also expel insects from your home. This application in klain by the maker can expel rats from your home with sound waves and vibrations that you can set yourself.

For the frequency number it starts from 0 - 22,000Hz and the higher the frequency, the more disturbed the sound waves produced.

But the sound that this frequency produces will not interfere with human hearing and can only be heard by rodents.

9. Anti Rat Pro

Rats not only contaminate our homes, but they also steal the food supplies we store.

But using chemicals to repel rats is not safe for our children or pets.

Using mouse traps is also not very effective at reducing the rat population in our dwellings.

The most powerful solution is to use sounds that are not liked by rats as made by Anti Rat Pro.

Using a clear voice if using this method is safe enough to reduce the rat population in your residence.

The Anti Rat Pro app can produce ultra sonic sound waves that can disturb the calmness of mice so they will go away on their own.

This application emits sound waves in frequencies of 18-23 Hz which is a frequency that is not harmful to humans but powerful enough to charge mice.

8. Pest Repellent Sound

The next application has the name Pest Repellent Sound. This application is very good for you to use to repel mice using ultrasonic sounds.

The sound used to produce this application is also very soft or soft so it does not interfere with your hearing.

Another advantage of this application can not only repel rats, but also to repel insects, such as cockroaches, and mosquitoes.

7. Mouse Repeller PRO

This one application claims to be more accurate than other applications. Indeed, the Repeller Pro mouse also uses ultrasonic sounds, using only this application to emit ultrasonic sounds at certain times.

This application will emit ultrasonic sounds when the mice start to catch their guard. So, the sound produced by the Pro Repeller mouse is more effective at repelling mice.

But this application is not free, to use this application you have to pay rp 13,000.

6. Repeller For Mice And Rats

One application that is claimed to make rats run away and will not return to your home is. Rapeller For Mice And Rats.

This application is claimed by its maker to be able to repel rats quickly that cats are not able to repel.

This application also relies on sounds with special frequencies and in this Repeller for Mice and Rat application you just press on the HP screen and the mouse will not come back to your home.

5. Anti Rat Sonar

If this application relies on ultrasonic sound with a frequency of 18-23 kHZ to repel mice with sound.

The sound produced will only make mice that hear this sound feel uncomfortable. No noise is generated when you use this app because only rats can hear

This application has a good enough feature for you to use to repel rats that nest in the ceiling of the house, Anti Rat Sonar is also very superior in the way it can be said quite easily.

You just click once and this application will run automatically and it is very easy for you to use.

4. Mouse Repellent Sound

For the next application newbie highly recommends you use Mouse Repellent Sound.

This application has a similar concept to previous applications. The reason is because the Mouse Repellent Application also relies on ultra sonic sounds to repel rats that roam the rice fields or in your home.

The advantage of this application is that it has a fairly friendly interface, because you just click once and let the Mouse Repellent Sound work to make a sound to repel mice easily.

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3. Anti-Rat Sound

One application that you can use to repel rats is Anti-Rat Sound. An application is an application that is developed by neo_ega developer.

In this app, neo_ega claims that Anti-Rat Sounds can repel mice by relying solely on the sounds released from the app.

Users of this app will see several sound frequency options that will not be preferred by the mice.

You need to choose the frequency of sound needed to repel mice and close it to areas that rats often pass through.

2. Mouse Repellent Sound Simulator

As per the application, Mouse Repellent sound simulator is only starting alias not right for you to use to repel rats.

This app is made like a real app that can repel mice. Because the interface displayed feels very real, because you can choose the frequency of sound produced.

This application has a very diverse sound frequency, such as 331kHz, 719kHz, so kHz wants to try the application.

1. Anti Rat Repeller - BRN Games

If you want to repel mice by relying on android phones, then you can try downloading the Anti Rat Repeller application.

This is an application that is claimed to be able to repel and make rats do not want to come back to your home.

Anti Rat Repeller will produce a sound that is not liked by rats, then rats can be expelled from the house very easily.

Above is an application that you can use to repel rats that run rampant around your home.

So long ago newbie article this time with the title of 16 Most Powerful Rat Repellent Apps On Android Phones.

So long and accept it.

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