4 Steps to Fix 80072EFE Error Messages During Windows Update

When you want to update the windows 7 operating system, you've gotten an error message 80072EFE. That means you haven't updated in your Windows 7 for a long time.

4 Langkah Cara Atasi Pesan Error 80072EFE Saat Update Windows 7

4 Steps how to Resolve Error Messages 80072EFE When Updating Windows 7 - Windows operating system usually provides their patch updates every month.

This windows operating system update is very helpful for you to overcome various problems that often occur in the windows operating system.

Such as viruses or security gaps that can be penetrated by hackers and with patches provided by windows in each update.

The computer you use to work will be much more secure than a computer that does not update at all.

But sometimes because we haven't updated windows for a long time. 

We found updated error message 80072EFE.

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How to Resolve Error Message 80072EFE

The error message 80072EFE caused us to be unable to update the windows operating system.

But do not worry first because newbie will give you how to overcome can not update windows and get the following 80072EFE message

  1. For the first step you can download the windows patch KB3138612
  2. Please check if your windows operating system uses windows 32bit or windows 64bit
  3. After you download, run the windows patch update that you have downloaded.
  4. After that please restart your pc and repeat to try to update the windows operating system  

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In the above way you can quickly fix your windows operating system updates that can not update and get an error message 80072EFE.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title 4 Steps How to fix Error Message 80072EFE When Updating Windows 7.

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