2 Ways to See Formula in Microsoft Excel

 For friends who feel the exel file feels heavy when opened, there is a possibility in your file there is a formula that does not find the source.

How to See Formula Formulas in Microsoft Excel - Exel is an application specifically for processing numbers as well as words.

This application can be used to perform summation calculations, averages, logic and so forth.

By using this application we can find out and correct the data we enter by looking at one by one the formulas that we have created.

In addition, this way you can also find the wrong formula or formula that does not have a source that makes your computer's performance become sluggish when opening excel files.

To find out how to view and display excel formulas, you can use the methods below.

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1. See the formula in the formula bar

For how to display a formula in the first ms excel, you can do this by clicking on the box that has the formula.

2 Ways to See Formulas in Microsoft Excel

 This method can be said is a very often very good way for people to see the formulas in ms excel.

By directing the krusor to the place that has the formula, then clicking it. You can already see all the formula formulas in the excel file.

2. With Formula 2 show facilities

In addition to the above way you can also use the other way, namely by using the Show Formula menu.

2 Ways to See Formulas in Microsoft Excel


By using this menu you can see all the formulas in the excel file that you are currently open.

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To use it you can follow the steps below.

  • Click the Formula bar menu
  • Click the Formula show button in the Formula Auditing group
  • Later in this way all who have a formula will be displayed formula formula

In the way above, you can see the formula contained in the excel file. In addition, this way you can also find which formulas are errors and make your computer slower performance.

So long ago newbie article this time with the title 2 Ways to See Formula in Microsoft Excel. I hope this method can help my teammates.


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