How to Use 70mai Dash Cam 1s Smart Dashcam

The dashcam is currently needed by owners of two-wheeled vehicles, in addition to evidence if there is an accident can also be evidence if someone deliberately wants to injure you.

How to Use 70mai Dash Cam 1s Smart Dashcam

How to Use 70mai 1s Smart Dashcam - Dashcam is a cool term from CCTV for cars that have very similar uses to CCTV which is useful to secure your car.

You owners of 4-wheeled vehicles must like to be wary if you are faced with a vehicle accident.

If this happens and you know you are not wrong because it has been recommended well and correctly.

But you don't have enough evidence to prove if you're driving right.

The dashcam has the use to record all events that occur with your car while driving on the road.

Starting from accidents, fraud, and also the act of damaging your vehicle can be recorded by the dashcam that you installed in the car.

One cheap dashcam at an affordable price is the 70mai 1s smart dashcam which is a product from Xiaomi.

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Product specifications

Dashcam 70mai 1s has a fairly complete specification for this cheap dashcam size out of Xiaomi.

How to Use 70mai Dash Cam 1s Smart Dashcam

Besides being able to record with a distance of 130 degrees and with a fairly high screen resolution of 1080P, 30FPS.

For friends who want to buy a 70mai 1s Smart Dashcam camera, you can listen to the specifications below
  • Model name: Driver D06
  • Resolution: 1080P, 30FPS
  • FOV: 130°
  • RAM: 512Mb
  • Additional storage: MicroSD card, 16GB~64GB, Class10 or higher
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Operating frequency: 2412-2472MHz
  • Maximum output power: 15.20dBm

How to install 70mai 1s Smart Dashcam

How to install a car camera 70mai 1s smart dashcam can be said to be very easy, you can follow the steps that will newbie give below

Install electrostatic stickers

When you buy you will get a city where there is electrostatic plastic.

How to Use 70mai Dash Cam 1s Smart Dashcam

You can simply clean your windshield and stick an electrostatic sticker in the center of the glass with the middle glass of the car.

Make sure you remove air bubbles in the sticker and glass so that the car camera can be found properly.

Attach the camera mount to the windshield

Remove the protective cover from the stand and attach the seating pad to the center of the electrostatic sticker.

How to Use 70mai Dash Cam 1s Smart Dashcam

Make sure the dashboard cam body you install is parallel to the ground. Press the mount to attach the dashcam to the sticker tightly.

Connect a USB cable to the cigarette lighter socket

You can align the cable with the top edge of the windshield and fasten it along the passenger side. Connect the cable to the power adapter and insert the adapter into the cigarette lighter socket.

Dashcam button function

Dashcam 70mai 1s Smart Dashcam has 1 button that has many uses. Different functions can be accessed by pressing the power button several times for each function.

  • Press 1x to turn wifi on and off
  • Press 3x for memory card format
  • Press 5x to reset to factory.
  • Press and hold to turn off the dashcam
  • Press for a minute to turn on

Voice commands

The 70mai Dash Cam 1s features quick control using voice commands. While you're running, and you're using the sound feature. Later it will trigger the corresponding function.

  • Take pictures to take photos
  • Record video to record emergency video and put it in a different folder

How to use the 70mai Dash Cam 1s app

For friends who use 70mai 1s Smart Dashcam products, you can install the 70mai application that can be installed from the Google Playstore and iTunes.

First, install the 70mai application on your mobile phone and then you can use this application.

You can connect your phone to the wifi generated by dashcam with an example of hotspot70mai_d06_XXXX and the default password of 70mai is 12345678.

The default password you can change after you enter by using the hotspot from the dashcam.

Later as long as you drive and there is a slight shock in the car, the dashcam will automatically record and save it into the external memory that you have installed on the dashcam.

There are many types of dashcams that you can get on the market that you can use in your car.

The purpose of using a dashcam is to be evidence in case of an accident that is experienced with your car.

So first information about 70mai Dash Cam 1s review that can be newbies give this time.

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