How to Add Specific Contacts to Home Screen on iPhone

This article will discuss how to add contacts that are on the iPhone to the Home Screen. 

How to Add Specific Contacts to Home Screen on iPhone

Because unfortunately, Apple does not provide a build-in option if it wants to display certain contacts on the Home Screen. 

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In fact, this will be useful for some cases, for example, quick access to related contacts.

Adding Specific Contacts to the Home Screen on iPhone

However, you can use the help of Shortcuts. Where there is a built-in option in shortcuts that can be used to add contacts to the Home Screen, so you don't need to use 3rd party Shortcuts.

  • Open Shortcuts.
  • Tap the Gallery option in the lower-right corner.
  • Enter the keyword "Contact" in the search panel and tap the Contact on the Home Screen option.
  • Tap the Set Up Shortcut option.
  • Tap the + option and select the contact you want. If you have taped the Add Shortcut option.
  • Tap the My Shortcuts menu in the lower-left corner. Then tap-hold on the Contact on Home Screen Shortcut and select Details.
  • Tap the Add to Home Screen option.
  • Enter the name along with the desired photo.
  • Tap the Add option in the upper-right corner.
  • done

After the process is complete, the corresponding contact icon will appear on the Home Screen. When taped, several options will appear, namely: Message, Call, and FaceTime.

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