How to Enable Notification Summary on iOS 15

In iOS 15, you can view a Notification Summary. This feature allows the system to collect non-urgent notifications in a single summary.

This notification summary will be displayed at a specific time as desired by the user, whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening.

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Enable Notification Summary in iOS 15

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap the Notifications option.
  3. Tap (On) on the Scheduled Summary option.
  4. If you have just activated this feature, an explanation of the Notification Summary will be displayed. You can read in more detail and tap Continue.
  5. Select the application you want to display in the Notification Summary. If you've taped Add x App.
  6. Specify a schedule for when you want to display the Notification Summary. If you have taped the Turn On Notification Summary option.
  7. Done.

If in the future you want to add or subtract applications that appear in the Notification Summary, you can do so through settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary > Apps in Summary.

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