3 couse Battery problems after iOS 16 update? That's it!

 After every major iOS update, many iPhone users are currently complaining about noticeably shorter battery life than before the update. 

3 couse Battery problems after iOS 16 update? That's it!

You may have already noticed increased battery consumption after installing iOS 16 on your iPhone. What is behind it and what you can do about it now, we will tell you below.

Shorter battery life after iOS 16 update

First of all, it is nothing unusual for the iPhone battery to die a little faster after a major iOS update. The reason for this is various indexing processes that take place in the background and drain the battery. 

So you don't have to worry too much about your iPhone for the time being. 

Some time ago, official Apple Support confirmed in a Twitter message that apps and functions have to adapt to the new system up to 48 hours after an update and that this is a normal process. 

After two days at the latest, the battery should last as long as it did before the update. In the following, we will show you exactly what causes the battery loss and how you can fix the battery problems yourself.

Cause 1: Photos app

After each iOS update, the system re-indexes all photos and scans the photo collection for objects, faces, locations, and metadata. 

The processes taking place in the background consume a lot of energy, so the iPhone battery drains faster during this time. 

The larger your photo collection, the longer this process will take. It can take a few hours or even several days for the battery life to return to normal.

In iOS 16, the automatic detection of duplicate photos in particular should contribute to faster battery consumption. 

In order to find such duplicates in the photo library, the system has to search through hundreds or even thousands of images on the iPhone, which not only can take a long time, but also requires a lot of battery power. 

The same applies here: the larger the photo collection, the longer the process takes.

In this case, Apple recommends connecting the iPhone that is connected to the WLAN to the power supply overnight. 

This keeps the iPhone powered and the battery drained while the Photos app does its work in the background. 

If you are on the go and want to extend the battery life a bit, it can also help to activate the power saving mode (found under "Settings" -> "Battery" -> "Power saving mode"). 

Because the said indexing processes are initially paused in this state.

Cause 2: Spotlight search

The Spotlight search is the fastest way to e.g. B. to locate apps and contacts on the iPhone. 

But also content within apps, e.g. B. E-mails, messages and photos can be quickly pulled out using Spotlight. 

In order for the iPhone to be able to serve this content, it must first be indexed accordingly, which can have a negative impact on battery life. 

This process also takes place in the background while you are using your iPhone or it is plugged in.

The whole thing cannot be influenced directly, but you can set Spotlight to no longer be able to search through some apps. 

This prevents the iPhone from indexing certain apps at all, which in turn saves battery life. 

To do this, go to the Settings app under "Siri & Search" and select an app that should be excluded from indexing. Then disable the “Show content in search” option with a tap on the switch.

Here, too, you can activate the power-saving mode (“Settings” -> “Battery” -> “Power-saving mode”) to temporarily get more out of the battery if necessary.

Cause 3: Apps not updated

Chances are you have quite a few apps on your iPhone. After a major iOS update, these must first be updated in order to work properly under the new operating system. 

However, the developers will only gradually make their apps fit for iOS 16 in the coming weeks. 

Some apps that have not yet been optimized for iOS 16 can therefore cause higher battery consumption. Whenever possible, you should therefore bring your apps up to date.

To do this, go to the App Store app, tap the profile icon in the top right, and scroll down to the Available Updates section, where you can update all or just the apps you use frequently.

It may also make sense to take a look at the "Settings" under "Battery". 

Below you will find a list of all apps and their battery usage in percentage and hours. Any battery killers can be tracked down quickly and, if necessary, kicked or updated by the iPhone.

Universal Solution: iPhone Hard Reset

A trick that has positive effects on the vast majority of iPhone problems - including those related to the battery - is the hard reset. 

This means a forced restart in which no personal data is lost and no settings are reset. It will only restart all running processes and iOS. To do this, proceed as follows:

Short press volume up button → short press volume down button → press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears

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