How to Install Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project with Office365

 How to install Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project on office365 can be said to be very confusing for those who need to learn the steps.

How to Install Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project with Office365

Microsoft Visio and also Microsoft Project are Microsoft Office products that we can use on our computers, but they are purchased separately with a license from Microsoft Office.

This is done because the possibility of demand from these two applications is quite high so sales of these applications are separated from office applications in general.

Currently, there are many Microsoft Office users who also use Microsoft Visio applications and Microsoft projects.

But what are the benefits of the two applications above?

The difference between Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project

Even though both are products of Microsoft Office, the two applications above have differences in their use.

You can find out the differences between Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project in the explanation below


Microsoft Project is a project management software product, developed and sold by Microsoft.

This application was designed by Microsoft to assist project managers in managing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets, and analyzing workloads.

Currently, many companies use the Microsoft Project application on their PC or laptop to help with the work they are doing.

It is part of the Microsoft Office family but has never been included in the Office suite. It is currently available in two editions, Standard and Professional. Microsoft Project's proprietary file format is .mpp.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a computer application program that we often use to create diagrams, flowcharts, brainstorms, and network schemes created by the Microsoft Corporation. This application uses vector graphics to create its diagrams.

Visio was originally not made by Microsoft Corporation, but by Visio Corporation, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2000.

Versions that have used the name Microsoft Visio are Visio 2002, Visio 2003, Visio 2007, Visio 2013, and Visio 2016 which is the latest version.

Visio 2007 (or later) Standard and Professional offer the same user interface, but the Professional series offers more template options for advanced diagramming and layouts.

In addition, the Professional edition also makes it easier for users to connect their diagrams to multiple data sources and also display information visually using graphs.

So, now you know what's the difference between the Microsoft Visio application and also the Microsoft Project made by Microsoft

But you also have to know what's the difference between Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365, which we often hear about now when we want to buy Microsoft Office products.

Difference between Microsoft Office 2021 and Microsoft Office 365

There are two packages of Microsoft Office applications, namely Microsoft Office 2021 and Microsoft Office 365.

However, there are differences between these two versions of Microsoft Office, apart from the year number behind them.

Office 365

Office 365 is a subscription service that ensures you will have the most updated products from Microsoft Office.

Microsoft 365 plans are available for home and personal users, small and medium businesses, large enterprises, schools, and non-profits.

Microsoft Office 365 plans include desktop applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. We can also get an online storage feature that we can use in real-time, namely OneDrive.

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 is sold as a one-time purchase which means you only need to pay in advance to get the Microsoft Office application for 1 computer.

This purchase does not include updates if there is the latest Microsoft Office update unlike if we use the Microsoft Office 365 application.

So make sure you know the minimum office specifications that you will use before you buy it.

For those of you who want to use Microsoft Office 365 and want to install the Microsoft Visio application.

There will definitely be difficulties because we get the Microsoft Visio application in the form of a .msi or .exe installer.

So we need a separate trick to install the Microsoft Visio application and also the project so we can use it with Office 365.

For this, newbies have prepared steps that you can use so you can install Microsoft Visio and also Microsoft Projects with Office 365.

How to install Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project in Office 365

For those of you who want to use the Microsoft Visio application or Microsoft Project together with the Microsoft Office 365 application.

Then you really have to know this easy trick so you can install the application you want.

To do this, you just have to follow the steps that the newbie has prepared below.

For the first step, you can first download the Office Deployment Tool (ODT) application

After you download it, you just need to install it on your computer when you find some strange things below

After you see something strange like the picture above, the next step is to open configuration-Office365-x64.xml using notepad.

Why configuration-Office365-x64.xml here I want to install Microsoft Visio on my computer which has Microsoft Office 365 64 Bit installed.

You can first check whether your computer has Office 365 32-bit or 64-bit installed on your Windows.

If you decide to use Microsoft Visio 32bit or 64bit then you can delete other unused .xml files so you don't get confused.

Please change <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail"> to <Product ID="VisioStdXVolume"> for product IDs that you can match with the Microsoft Visio you already have.

Then you can enter the PIDKEY that you got from purchasing Microsoft Visio or Project to produce the script below

  <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" >
    <Product ID="VisioStdXVolume" PIDKEY="69WXN-MBYV6-22PQG-3WGHK-RM6XC">
        <Language ID="en-us" />

You can see a list of IDs for installing Visio as well as projects below

Suppose you get Microsoft Visio 2021 then how do you install it because there is no ID above.

The difference is only in standard and also professional

You can ask the place where you bought the office whether the Microsoft Visio or project you bought is the standard or professional version.

If you get the standard version you can use the IDs ProjectStdXVolume for the project and VisioStdXVolume

Likewise, if you get the Professional version, you can use the other ID.

Then you can save the .xml settings that we changed earlier

The next step you can save the file earlier to your Partition D so it's easy to find it.

Then open Command Prompt (CMD) and please enter the folder containing the installer and the .xml script that you created earlier.

For example, if this script is on partition D, then you can type the script below

The explanation of the script above is

  • D: here I move to partition D which is on my computer. If the partition you are using is F then you can type F:
  • cd officevisiotry : I use it to enter the officevisiotry folder because the script that we have created is in this.
  • Dir : is a command to view the contents of the officevisiotry folder

For the next step, you can type setup.exe / download configuration-Office365-x64.xml which is useful for downloading Visio that is compatible with Office 365 to your computer.

Later in the folder that we have created, there will be a new folder with the name Office automatically.

Wait until the download process is complete and you can continue by typing the command setup.exe / configure configuration-Office365-x64.xml to install the Microsoft Visio application and also the Microsoft Project to your computer.

Please wait until the Microsoft Visio installation process and also the Microsoft project that you want to install are complete.

For the process of installing additional office applications, if you use Microsoft Office 365 applications, you will indeed go through a process that can be said to be quite difficult.

It's different if you buy an ordinary Microsoft Office application, all you have to do is click the installer, so the application is already installed on your computer.

But the steps above can be said to be very easy and can make you look cool in front of your friends.

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