How to change the passcode on iPhone

How to change the passcode on iPhone

While most will rely on Face ID or Touch ID to unlock iPhones, the passcode will act as a backup when the primary method of unlocking doesn't work. 

This passcode is a combination of numbers or letters that you made when you first purchased an iPhone.

The role of the passcode itself is quite vital. 

If you have never changed your passcode in your entire life, there is a chance that someone could discover your passcode when using your iPhone in public.

For security reasons, you may need to change your old passcode to the new one. If so, you can use the following tutorial.

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Change passcode on iPhone

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down and tap the Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode option. Here you must enter a passcode to continue with the process.
  • Scroll down and tap the Change Passcode option. Here you need to re-enter the passcode to continue the process.
  • Enter the new passcode. By default, Apple offers a choice of 6 number combinations, but you can tap the Passcode Options option to use a combination of letters, a combination of more than 6 numbers, or just 4 number combinations.

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