Battery eaters: Apple warns of new iOS 16 feature

Just recently, in another post, we sang praises for the new keyboard feedback, which confirms every input on the iOS keyboard with a slight vibration. Extremely pleasant, in our opinion. 

Battery eaters: Apple warns of new iOS 16 feature

Now Apple has put the good impression of the feature into perspective in a support document. 

Accordingly, the haptic feedback should not be so good for the battery.

Keyboard haptics can impact battery life

With iOS 16, Apple brought a whole host of useful new features to the iPhone, including the ability to have the iPhone vibrate gently with each keystroke. 

A practical new function that complements the previous keyboard tones and can be used both as an operating aid for people with visual impairments and for "normal" users who find feedback when typing helpful. 

With a small side note on a relevant support page, Apple has now somewhat dampened the euphoria surrounding the new keyboard feel.

As Apple states in the small print here, turning on the function can “impair the battery life of your iPhone.

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” Actually, this warning shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially since the vibration naturally requires battery power. 

Finally, the Taptic Engine responsible for the "twitch" doesn't move on its own. It's not clear how big the impact of haptic feedback on the battery really is. 

The mere fact that Apple considers it necessary to explicitly point out the battery load suggests that the function doesn't exactly consume little power.

Ultimately, however, your own usage behavior also determines how high the additional battery consumption is through the option. 

Those who write or type a lot on the iPhone will probably feel the consequences more than someone who rarely uses the iOS keyboard. Against this background, you should think twice about whether you really need the feature. 

Since we personally have not yet noticed any negative effects of the keyboard haptics on our iPhones, we will continue to use the feature diligently for the time being. 

For anyone who wants to disable it now:

Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Keyboard Feedback -> Haptics

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